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Historically, oral care research has focused on bacteria.  While PerioSciences utilizes many natural ingredients with well documented antibacterial properties, their approach is to focas on the natural defense system-salivary antioxidants.

PerioSciences has established a network of leading physicians, research scientist, chemists, formulators and
clinical research organization that collaborate throughout the process of product development, testing, and clinical evaluation.

This multidisciplinary approach ensures the highest scientific standards at every leval of product development. production, and marketing.

  A Unique Approach


Powerful antioxidants, phloretin and ferulic, along with polyphenols from Green Tea plus essential oils are uniquely formulated to promote a healthy oral environment, fresh breath, and naturally moist oral tissues. PerioSciences NATURAL products contain no alcohol, no fluoride, no sodium lauryl sulfate, and no artficial sweeteners or preservatives.