A dental emergency warrants immediate care and attention. An emergency can happen at any time and place. It is essential to stay calm and assess the situation. Collier Dental Studio is here to assist you with your dental emergencies.

Common problems that require immediate attention include a broken, cracked/ fractured, loosened or knocked tooth in an accident. If a tooth is sensitive to hot and cold, swollen, infected or is painful and the discomfort is not going away, you need to seek the dentist immediately.

A more serious dental emergency could lead you to the hospital. If you fractured or dislocated your jaw, or experienced trauma such as lacerations, cuts to your tongue, lips, or mouth, or if a tooth is severely infected/ abscessed and is causing difficulty in swallowing, or you have a very high fever, or you feel you are in a life-threatening condition you should immediately call 911 or go to the hospital.

Dental emergencies do not always occur when the dental office is open, if your dental emergency arises after regular business hours, on a weekend, holiday and not considered a life-threatening situation, please call our office. Collier Dental Studio is here to try to assist you with your dental emergency concerns. We have a 24-hour voicemail system available to you and your family and direct access to the dentist if needed.

Call our office if you are experiencing any dental emergency at 239-234-6368. We are more than happy to assist you with your dental needs

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